While I haven’t started doing these features yet, I’ve been brainstorming a bit.

Here are a couple ideas that I’ve come up with:

Booking around Madison:

Every so often I would feature a local/ independent book store in Madison, WI. (Eventually/Hopefully, this will become Booking around New York). I got this idea from Leanne’s Photo Field Trip on Oh, the books!

Coffee and Books:

This would combine my desire to find the best place to enjoy coffee mochas/caramel lattes and a good book. Feature local coffee shops, take pictures of current book and different coffees, do they pair well. Is the coffee shop a good place to read? Or is it too noisy? Sort of like Booking around Madison, but with coffeeshops. Also, I was inspired by GirlXOXO’s Weekend Reading & Wine feature.

Both of these require time to explore, so I think I should have both the time and the motivation once it is a bit warmer outside.


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