Let’s Talk: Annoying Book Tropes #ShelfLove

March 31, 2016 Discussion 3

I’m participating in the #ShelfLove Challenge this year! And along with focusing on reading my own books, the hosts have also provided monthly discussion prompts. March’s prompt is…

What is one book trope that gets on your nerves? What do you wish the publishing world would STOP doing?

Hmmmm some tropes that bother me are…

  • The tragic tortured bad boy in most NA books. Either he’s secretly a softy and only the main character can get through all his rough edges to see his TRUTH, or he’s tragic and tortured and gives him the right to treat everyone like crap, or be abusive, and usually the relationship between him and the love interest is toxic or overly dramatic.
  • Teacher/Student Romance. I don’t really see this any of the contemporary YA I read, and I have forgiven it in fantasy books and I probably would in historical fiction too, but I despise this trope in TV, especially Ezria in PLL.

But honestly, even after scouring tvtropes.org I’m having a hard time coming up with tropes that I hate because often there is a version of it that I actually enjoy. I don’t mind love triangles, special snowflake main characters, instalove, missing parent syndrome, and so many others. As long as it’s well-written, nuanced, seems somewhat realistic or consistent for a character, then I can really enjoy some of those tropes. Yea, there are times that some of them may annoy me, like when a character can’t make up there own mind in a love triangle, or things are falling too easily into place because of a trope, but often that isn’t solely the tropes fault. I think it’s up to the author to use a trope in an interesting way.

My Challenge Progress:

I’ve read 10 out of 30, so I think I’m pretty much on track. However, only one of those books was one that I hadn’t read before…. I love rereading books I own, but I definitely need to start picking up those books that have been on my shelves forever and I still haven’t read!




3 Responses to “Let’s Talk: Annoying Book Tropes #ShelfLove”

  1. Valerie

    I haven’t read the teacher/student relationship trope yet, so I wouldn’t know if I liked it a lot? I mean I don’t read much contemporary. OH there was this one book, it was Never Always Sometimes by Adi Alsaid, and the main character flirted with a teacher for fun. And even that small thing bothered me A LOT. So I’m pretty sure I would be even more bothered by a relationship!

  2. Julie

    Yes, the tortured bad boy who is really a good boy but hiding. ENOUGH ALREADY ha
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