Get Up Offa that Slump | Book Spine Poetry

March 21, 2016 Blog Events 3

The lovely Rachel @ Beauty and the Bookshelf is hosting this wonderful event to help out bloggers like me who trying to avoid a long-term blogging slump.

The prompt I choose to do for today was…

Book Spine Poetry

It’s World Poetry Day! I don’t know about you, but poetry really isn’t my forte and I’m not its biggest fan. But book spine poetry? I can dig that. All you have to do is take titles of books–books spines!–and make them into a poem (or, oh my gosh, go even further and dissect a book and make sentences into a poem, you super creative overachiever, you).

I’m the most creative individual, but I tried 🙂

Book Spine Poetry 3.21

Carry on after I do
Just one day, the start of me and you
Ready or not, a little something different

If you are participating in this blogging extravaganza, I’d love to see your responses to either of today’s prompts!


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  1. Annalisse

    Book Spine Poetry is just such fun. There are so many different combinations to come up with and its great to mix and match titles. Great little poem!

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