Mediator (Re)read Along: Ninth Key Kick-Off

October 18, 2015 Blog Events 0

And we are on to the next book: Ninth Key! For those who don’t know, I am co-hosting a read along (with Anna from Lostbraincell) for the Mediator series by Meg Cabot in preparation for the release of REMEMBRANCE in February 2016! If you interested in joining us as we read through all 6 books in the series, or just want information, check out the introduction post!

Ninth Key

“Ghosts ruin everything. Especially your love life.

Everything is going great for Suze. Her new life in California is a whirlwind of parties and excellent hair days. Tad Beaumont, the hottest boy in town, has even asked Suze out on her very first date. Suze is so excited that she’s willing to ignore her misgivings about Tad… particularly the fact that he’s not Jesse, whose ghostly status – not to mention apparent disinterest in her – make him unattainable.

What Suze can’t ignore, however, is the ghost of a murdered woman whose death seems directly connected to dark secrets hidden in none other than Tad Beaumont’s past.”


I can’t wait to see everyone’s first impressions, reread reviews, and thoughts in general about Ninth Key! I’ll have a link-up post during 3rd week of reading Ninth Key to link up any posts you write! Don’t worry if you haven’t finished writing any posts by that point because the linky will be open for a month after it’s posted.

If you’re looking for some other post ideas to write about, we came up with a few!

  • Vampires/Werewolves/Ghosts – What kinds of paranormal characters do you enjoy reading about the most?
  • Jesse and Suze kind have a slow excruciatingly sometimes burn romance brewing, what are some of your favorite slow burn romances?
  • Favorite Books/Movies/Shows that deal with vampires?

The Schedule

  • Ninth Key: Oct 18 – Nov 7
  • Reunion: Nov 8 – Nov 28
  • Darkest Hour: Nov 29 – Dec 19

Brief Break for the Holidays/Some catch up time, if you’ve fallen behind!

  • Haunted: Jan 3 – Jan 23
  • Twilight: Jan 24 – Feb 13
  • Remembrance: Feb 14 – Mar 5

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