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August 11, 2015 Personal 3

Hey guys! I’ve been a little absent on the blog as of late. From getting married in June, to finding a new apartment, attempting to move out, going on a honeymoon, and moving in, it’s been a VERY busy month or so.  To help me get back into the swing of things, I wanted to share my honeymoon trip with you all!

Day 1

Because no vacation is complete without fudge or chocolate, Ben and I stopped at a couple candy shops in Sturgeon Bay. I also wanted to pick up a book, in case I wasn’t satisfied with the two books I brought with me… (though TBH I didn’t get nearly as much reading time as I had hoped. I slept in too much, but that was definitely okay). We then stopped to pick cherries!! Unfortunately the sweet cherry season had just ended, so we could only pick tarts. But it was still a lot of fun!

  IMG_1275 IMG_1286

For lunch we stopped at a restaurant that was attached to the winery I wanted to go to. Then proceeded and trying ALL the fruit wines! I just love Door Peninsula Winery, they have so many different wines :). We continued on to Sister Bay to our resort/hotel and settled in. We made a reservation for a nice dinner on the water and had some epicly awesome food. And saw the best sunset of the vacation.

image1 (4) image2 (1)

Day 2

I forced Ben to wake up super early so that we wouldn’t have to wait for breakfast at Al Johnson’s, which is a funky Swedish restaurant that is known for having goats on it’s roof. Unfortunately the goats weren’t out when we went to breakfast, but because we stayed in Sister Bay we were able to see them at other points during the trip.

Then we went to Peninsula State Park for some hiking, which was fun but rather intense. We had initially hoped on doing a couple of easy trials, but because of where we ended up parking and not wanting to move the car, we ended up hiking a difficult level trial. So many trip hazards!! But we got some pretty spectacular views. Then because I was exhausted and hot, I convinced Ben to go for a swim in one of the beaches at the Park and it was FREEZING. But exactly what I needed and felt amazing :).

IMG_1320 IMG_1314IMG_1348 IMG_1332 IMG_1328

We got pizza for lunch at Wild Tomato.

Wild Tomato

For dinner we went to a Fish Boil!

Fish Boil

On our way to see a Shakespeare play we stopped by Door County Brewery and a nice restaurant name Chives for some drinks. There were some misadventures when we realized that we didn’t actually know the location of the outdoor theater, but we weren’t too far off so it was okay. The play we saw was the Tempest, which was kind of ironic because it was supposed to storm that night but it either missed us or fizzled out because the weather was perfect. Though as the sun went down, we were plagued with a crazy amount of mosquitoes and bugs that all flew in everyone’s faces. We applied bug spray beforehand, but I was still worried about getting bitten on my face. But miraculously I didn’t have get any bites.

Day 3

We had a lazy kind of start to the day, and got brunch in Ephraim at a restaurant called the Chef’s Hat. We had some awesome food and sat outside. I just love the shoreline in Ephraim.

Then we went to a Cherry Festival and Market so that I could stuck up on more Door County Cherry items. Like SALSA!! And I tried a cherry chocolate chip cookie which was tasty.

Then we went to the Island Orchard Cider Tasting House and got a free tasting! I’m a big fan of cider and I haven’t really had the chance to visit an cider houses or go to any cider tastings, so it was wonderful for me. There was even a hoppy one for Ben, and it was nice to sit outside and relax for a bit.

Island Orchard Cider

We did some minor exploring of Sister Bay that day, stopped by a Christmas/Gift shop because they were doing a Christmas in July event, had some sorbet at a local creamery, and just wandered a bit

Mango Sorbet

Later we went to dinner at a restaurant called The Cookery in Fish Creek. I got this amazing chicken dish and some cherry lemonade. Pretty much all the food we had while honeymooning was AMAZING.

the Cookery

Day 4

We went to a Sunday brunch in Ellison Bay at Wickman House. The restaurant is literally a old house, with a gazebo and a wrap around porch.

Then we went on a winery and orchard tour at Lautenbach’s Orchard Country Winery & Market. We also did a tasting there as well and there were almost as many wines as Door Peninsula Winery and on the same level of deliciousness, so I ended up buying more wine :). I also bought more cherry things because I had somehow forgotten to buy chocolate covered cherries (!!) and I knew I couldn’t return home without them.

Then we went to ice cream (aka a really big sundae) at Wilson’s which is a pretty iconic place up in Door County. It’s feels like an old soda shop/diner and they have these mini old jukeboxes at each table that have the original songs in them. Then we walked around the shoreline in Ephraim because it’s just so pretty.

Wilson's Wilson's2

Later we went to dinner back in Sister Bay at steakhouse called Chop. And I had the most amazing meal and because it was our last night I got some creme brule too! Because we weren’t ready for our last night to end, we went to a beer cafe called Bier Zot and had some drinks and walked around Sister Bay.

bier zot sister bay

Day 5

Unfortunately, this day was mostly just packing up, travelling, and then the unpleasantness of having to move a LOT of our stuff to our new apartment so that we could spend our first night there. It was kind of a rude awakening after our honeymoon, but it was nice to finally bring our cats to the new apartment, and feel like we could start getting settled. (Unfortunately, as of right now, the apartment is STILL a mess with almost nothing unpacked, but I’ve been trying to get more done in any spare time I can scrunge together).

In case you were wondering how much wine and chocolate we acquired on this trip, here is the final haul.

Wine Haul

One More Thing

Also, I started utilizing my yelp account quite a bit on this trip, and I’m hoping to post some reviews on there soonish and be more active in the future. So if you want to become my friend on there, here’s my profile!


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  1. Valerie


    But anyways, it looks like you had an AMAZING time. And you went to a restaurant that had goats on the roof? Aww too bad they weren’t out. And I love cider, until I get sick of it at least hahah.

    Glad you had fun Jordin!!!

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