Moving, lack of internet, and other sh*t: A Rant

August 13, 2014 Personal 3

I don’t often get very personal on this blog, but I’ve just had the worst couple of days and NEED to let off some steam.

And begin rant:

This past weekend and first half of the week has been complete and utter horseshit. The fiance and I moved from our crappy one-bedroom apartment to a lovely house that is filled with roommates. Yes, I agreed that moving into a beautiful house and saving money was worth the added roommates, but sigh… It’s just been a lot to deal with at once.

Moving in general can be stressful, but moving in with people who have already lived there for a year… That can be plain annoying. It’s been 2 years since I lived with anyone except for Ben and I’ve gotten used to setting things up my own way. It’s more than annoying to try to move stuff into a place that’s already lived in because A) no fridge/freezer space B) figuring out what kitchen stuff to find room for and what to store is a hassle C) there is just something nicer about moving into a space that is empty and completely yours vs. Not.

I knew that living with three more people was going to be a struggle for me. I tend to take things personally and I’m not the most social of people. So when my roommates talked to Ben about using claw caps on MY cats, I flipped a little bit. Okay so maybe the cats are both equally Ben and mine, but shush… I’m the one who got Ben to get over his “allergies” and learn to love the greatness that is feline companionship. Anyways, after Ben told me about that confrontation, I immediately started to think about all the reasons roommates suck, how they were all ganging up on me, and how they were using Ben against me. Which caused me to regret moving and putting myself in this situation in the first place. But Ben got me through it and even got the roommates to mellow out for a bit and let us try a few alternatives before putting soft paws on our cats. (Which to be fair, I think is a humane way to deal with cats who ruin furniture, but I’d rather not have to keep buying them and putting them on for a year).

Besides all that initial drama. We STILL aren’t done moving/unpacking. We still have to clean up old old apartment and grab everything we forgot. Also there is a matter of all of our kitchen/everything except bedroom stuff being spread out in the new house everywhere… And my BOOKS are hiding in boxes down in the basement 🙁 all lonely like.

So that was the super busy and not so pleasant weekend. Now on Monday when I think things couldn’t possibly get worse, I get to work and the internet is down and the phones are down. THE WHOLE DAY (plus half of Tuesday) being bored in a cubicle with nothing to distract you is a fate worse then death. It’s like some weird boredom torture. All you can do is think about all the things you have to do online/emailing/calling and you can’t do it. My boss wouldn’t allow me to escape and we had two  conference calls on her cell phone. Yea, it sucked and all I could do was ruminate about the roommate situation, all the unpacking/cleaning I still have to do, and family issues that I became aware of.

My Nana (aka grandma) broke her hip and got twenty stitches in her head over the weekend. I’m going to go visit her this week, but my dad kept texting about sending her a video… and I just don’t have time to do this. Which sounds horrible, but I think actually seeing my Nana in person will mean much more to her than a crappy phone video.

Dealing with my dad guilting me and not remembering an entire conversation I had with him, my Nana’s fatality, roommate issues, work issues, moving issues and then going to play frisbee probably wasn’t the best idea in the world. Which brings me to hopefully, the last horrible thing to happen to me this week (cross your fingers). On Monday night, we had playoffs for a rec ultimate frisbee league that Ben and I played in this summer. It’s not super competitive, but it’s playoffs so it’s a tad more intense than usual. Only 3 girls were there initially, so we had no subs. It’s a coed league so you have to have at least 3 girls on the field in order to play. Eventually we got one more sub, but as the game progressed I was getting more and more out of breath and not in your typical working hard way… in a I’m going to die and keel over way because I legitimately can’t breath. At one point I started hyperventilating and had to be lead off the field and awkwardly stop the game… which was a bit more than embarrassing, but I guess it was better than passing out. I felt really bad because it meant while I was trying to calm down and breathe, none of the girls had a sub… but eventually I made it back on the field. But we lost, and that’s okay because the season’s over!

I think everything in the past four days just sent me over the edge, but things a slowly starting to get better and I’m not working tomorrow or Friday. Ben and I are abandoning the horrible unpacked mess in the house and going to MN for a high school friend’s wedding. I’ll get to see my Nana and see how she’s doing. I can just relax while Ben is at the Bachelor Party and catch up on my tv shows or read one of the TONS of library books that I got from hold. And I can just escape the chaos for a long weekend before dealing with reality.

End Rant.


3 Responses to “Moving, lack of internet, and other sh*t: A Rant”

  1. Valerie

    Aww I’m so sorry about that! Moving in is definitely so frustrating! This year, I’m living with two other roommates as well, but they’re my friends so it’s ok. But setting up the internet was SO ANNOYING, and then also, our lock was broken in the rented apartment. So yeah, I completely feel you. I hope everything gets better though, in the end!

    • Jordin

      Thanks! My new place is also having internet issues as the walls appear to absorb wifi signals… which who knew that was a thing?

  2. Julie

    Moving is super stressful! Good luck with it all!! Glad you’re taking a little break to enjoy time away from all that stress.

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