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【欧宝体育官方首页】【观察】德国队控球越踢越丑陋 勒夫赢球却再成众矢之的

After defeating Ukraine 2-1 in the away game, the German team finally won a long-lost victory. However, what Lef did not expect was that this victory did not make him feel relaxed. On the contrary, his former beloved general Schweinsteiger stabbed him with a fatal sword, which caused the embattled Loew into a greater Dilemma.


The European League tied Spain and Switzerland 1-1, and the warm-up tied Turkey 3-3. Loew's German team lost three consecutive games. Before the game, German TV One listed the teams that have not won consecutively since the start of the UEFA European League in 2018. Germany was even on a par with such teams as Malta, San Marino and Latvia.


Love is under a lot of pressure. The famous Mateus criticized his selection criteria and substitution strategy. In addition to Mateus, the former German coach Vogts also criticized Love. Loew ignored Vogts’s criticism, but made a rare sarcasm before the Ukrainian match: “I think Mateus may be in Tuscany now, together with the 1990 world champion. Celebrating the 30th anniversary of winning the world championship. It’s great for me, he can’t express his criticism right away.” The members of the 90’s championship team are reuniting in Italy this weekend. The German Football Association invited the world champions to dinner together. , These players will get together for two or three days instead of just a few hours.

爱情承受着很大的压力。著名的Mateus批评了他的选择标准和替代策略。除马特斯外,前德国教练沃格茨还批评洛夫。勒夫无视沃格茨的批评,但在乌克兰比赛前曾做出过一次罕见的讽刺:“我认为马特乌斯现在可能和1990年世界冠军一起在托斯卡纳。庆祝赢得世界冠军30周年。对我来说很棒,他无法立即表达批评。” 90年代冠军球队的成员本周末在欧宝体育官方入口意大利团聚。德国足协邀请世界冠军们一起共进晚餐。 ,这些玩家会聚在一起两到三天,而不是几个小时。

Against Ukraine, Loew let all the main players of Shi Xuezang play against Turkey, but his layout was very unexpected. Both the formation and the lineup were not in line with common sense: the formation was 3421, and the midfielder was either the right player. Lostman or Halstenberg on the left can withdraw and play more like a five-back formation. Only Gnabry is the starting player on the front line as the pseudo nine, and the positive Indian pioneer Werner sits. On the bench.


This is the first time in 11 months that the German team has played with a more complete lineup. Against Spain, even players like Trapp and Krell are on, playing in Switzerland and Turkey. All the Bayern players in the German team except for Sane's appearance, the rest are resting. Ukraine’s opponents in this game were affected by the new crown epidemic, and at least 10 international players were unable to play, and coach Shevchenko could only send a B lineup.


Against Ukraine, which just lost to France by a large score, the German team’s overall offense is hard to say, and it is even difficult to effectively penetrate the Ukrainian penalty area. In addition to Gintl’s goal in the first half, the German team relied more on Kimmich. Long shots outside the restricted area with Cross to create a threat. The German team's possession rate is as high as 75%. Although it is leading, it is completely absent from the mercury-like attack of the past.


What Lef did not expect was that his former general Schweinsteiger stabbed him with a fatal sword during the intermission-"Little Pig" is currently serving as a guest commentator for German TV. Commenting on the performance of the German team in the first half, he said: "A 1-0 lead is certainly good, but the way of the game...I would rather see a four-back instead of a five-back. An additional player in the midfield can help the defense. At present, our players are absolutely world-class, but in the national team I did not see them fully perform at their own level. People can’t fully identify with the national team now. Unfortunately, in the last 19 games, there were 41 players. Players report to the national team, I think this is obviously too much, and then it causes problems in the back defense. We cannot rely on Rudiger and Gentel at the expense of Mueller or Brandt."

Lef没想到的是,他的前将军Schweinsteiger在中场休息时用致命的剑刺了他,“ Little Pig”目前正担任德国电视台的特邀评论员。在谈到德国队上半场的表现时,他说:“ 1-0领先肯定不错,但是比赛的方式……我宁愿看到四分卫而不是五分卫。目前,我们的球员绝对是世界一流的,但是在国家队,我没有看到他们在自己水平上的表现,人们现在还不能完全认同国家队。不幸的是,在最近的19场比赛中,有41名球员。球员向国家队报告,我认为这显然太多了,然后在后防方面造成了问题。我们不能依靠Rudiger和Gentel来牺牲穆勒或勃兰特。”

In addition, Schweinsteiger also specifically mentioned that Boateng is currently the best player and should return to the national team. This is simply a slap in the face of Loew, and the game was broadcast on German TV. The ratings are much higher than the German-Turkish game, and the influence is far greater than that of Germany, which broadcasted the German-Turkish battle last time. RTL TV station.

另外,施韦因斯泰格还特别提到博阿滕目前是最好的球员,应该回到国家队。这简直就是Loew的耳光,游戏在德国电视台播出。收视率远高于德土比赛,其影响力远大于上次播放德土战役的德国。 RTL电视台。

After the game, Loew specifically explained the problem of losing control of the game and losing the ball in a leading situation. "We have studied this issue in depth. The important thing is that we maintain control of the ball and do not give the opponent a quick counterattack. Although Germany scored three points smoothly throughout the game, after Ukraine got back one goal, the German team fell into the same chaos before. If it weren’t for the Ukrainian goalkeeper to give a gift, could the German team Taking all 3 points is a problem. Love's ball-handling tactics did not achieve the expected results. Such a utilitarian national team will inevitably be verbally criticized when returning to Germany, but Loew's current biggest "enemy" has changed from Matthaus to Schweinsteiger.

比赛结束后,洛伊(Loew)特别说明了失去比赛控制权和在领先情况下丢球的问题。 “我们已经深入研究了这个问题。重要的是我们保持对球的控制,并且不给对手快速的反攻。尽管德国在整个比赛中都顺利拿下了3分,但是在乌克兰夺回一球之后,德国队之前陷入了同样的混乱。如果不是乌克兰守门员送礼物,德国队能否拿下全部3分是一个问题。洛夫的控球战术没有达到预期的结果。返回德国时,将不可避免地受到口头批评。但是,洛伊目前最大的“敌人”已经从马特豪斯(Matthaus)变为施韦因斯泰格(Schweinsteiger)。

No one commented, but quiet


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