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Tiger Fighting, September 27, Barcelona’s new aid, Francisco Trincon, accepted an interview with the Spanish newspaper “Herald” on Friday, local time, expressing his wish to succeed in Barcelona, ​​and at the same time expressing his need in many aspects. To improve, Koeman gave him a lot of advice. And I like Messi and Ronaldo at the same time, Messi has given himself a lot of help after joining Barcelona.


I like scoring goals and assists, constantly looking for one-on-one breakthroughs, and trying to help the team with and without the ball.


I want it all.


I can play in any position in the frontcourt, whether it's the two sides or the center, I like every position.


He told me a lot, but what he asked me most was to be myself, to try one-on-one and find opportunities to break goals. In general, it is to do my job well. As a young player, I still have many aspects to improve. You need to keep going back to watch your own games and summarizing what has been done well and what has not been done well in order to make progress.


No, haha, I don't watch other teams' games at home, I don't like watching, I only watch my own team's games.


Well, I will wear size 17 the next season. I like this number very much because my dad’s birthday is on the 17th. I wore a size 17 when I won the U19 European Cup with the team, so I have a deep feeling for this number.


In fact, my family put a ball on my foot when I was a kid, and I knew right away that I liked playing football. Soon I started to play football, and I was out of control since then. Since then until now.


I like playing football, and I have always been a persistent person. I have been like this since I was a kid.


Stay with my family and friends, play PS4 or watch movies.


I prefer documentaries, and I watch a lot of sports themes. I watched all Michael Jordan's documentaries, and I watched Anelka's documentary not long ago.


Everything about the club surprised me. This is a big club, where players can use everything they want. Here I will continue to grow in both football and life. Now I am very happy inside and outside the venue. The city is beautiful, the weather is great, and the food is very good. And I live in Barcelona, ​​and I enjoy it very much.


When I arrived in Barcelona, ​​most of the teams played in Lisbon in the Champions League. I stayed in Barcelona to train like Pedri. We often go to training together and slowly develop a good relationship. Actually everyone here treats me very well.


I remember that Chairman Bartomeu sent me a message, but I don’t remember who came to me first. All I can remember is that when my agent Mendes told me that Barcelona wanted me, my first words were: "I do, I want to go there."


I can only thank him for making my childhood dreams come true.


People are starting to pay more attention to me, both on and off the court. It is now too.


I hope I can become Barcelona's top card. This is my goal.


I just came to the club not long ago, only focusing on doing my job well. The rest is the club's business, which is also common in the football field itself.


I have a lot of favorite players, but if I have to say, then my favorite is Ronaldo and Messi. They are the best.


Of course there is. He asked me how I was and what I needed. Then he guided me and gave me instructions during the game.


My father is not here now, so I can't dedicate a goal to him. But he knows that if I score a goal, it must be dedicated to him.


I look forward to a victory. We conducted a video analysis today to study Villarreal. The game will be difficult, but winning is our only goal, and we will go all out.


The players are still very strange about the current situation. This is where we are, but I hope that the fans will return to the stadium soon, which will be better.


Quiet is endless. Football is everything to me and my job. This has always been the case in the past, so I have long been used to it.