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欧宝体育官方入口|正青春!范帅将他推向中超大舞台 未来期待为国效力

   Source of manuscript: Information Times reporter Tian Zou

稿件来源:信息时报记者 田琦

   The second phase of the 2020 Chinese Super League is about to start. In the first 14 rounds of the league, Guangzhou R&F’s 21-year-old star Han Jiaqi “full attendance”, with a total of 50 saves, became the goalkeeper with the most saves in the Super League, and also helped his opponents with 3 zeros. Joining Guangzhou R&F in 2019, Han Jiaqi experienced the training of two coaches. Stojkovic once said that he is the future of R&F, and Van Bronckhorst turned this "future" into "now". He pushed Han Jiaqi to Xiang Zhongchao is on the big stage, praised his strong willpower and the potential to become a successful goalkeeper.


   A few days ago, Han Jiaqi said in an exclusive interview with Information Times that as a newcomer to the Chinese Super League, he embraced the challenge with a learning attitude. In the future, he looks forward to playing for the country and competing in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.




   First stage appearance time


  1。深圳佳兆业 国威 1361分钟

  1。深圳佳兆业 国威 1361分钟

  2。 Hebei Huaxia happy gaolat 1357 minutes

  2。 Hebe IH UA下happy高辣汤 1357 minutes

  3。 Guangzhou Fuli hanjiaqi 1350 minutes

  3。 Guangzhou F U李汉假期 1350 minutes

   U23 players playing time


  1。 Guangzhou Fuli hanjiaqi 1350 minutes

  1。 Guangzhou F U李汉假期 1350 minutes

  2。 Dalian Tonglei 1239 minutes

  2。 DA连tong类 1239 minutes

  3。重庆当代 杨帅 1151分钟

  3。重庆当代 杨帅 1151分钟





   At the beginning of last year, Han Jiaqi joined Guangzhou R&F from the Portuguese Super League Avis Sports, signing a 5-year contract. Beijing goalkeeper Han Jiaqi, who was born in 1999, only started playing football at the age of 9, but with his talent and love, he played steadily and became the main goalkeeper of the Beijing Youth Team. He also represented the Beijing U18 National Games in the 2017 Tianjin National Games. At the end of 2017, Han Jiaqi received an invitation from the Portuguese Super League Avis Sports to begin his overseas study.

去年年初,韩嘉琪从葡萄牙超级联赛阿维斯体育加入广州富力,签订了为期5年的合同。北京门将韩佳琪出生于1999年,他9岁才开始踢足球,但凭借自己的才华和爱心,他稳步踢球,成为北京青年队的主要门将。他还在2017年天津全运会上代表北京U18全运会。 2017年底,韩佳琪收到了葡萄牙超级联赛阿维斯体育的邀请,开始他的海外学习。

Han Jiaqi played the U19 and U23 youth competitions on behalf of Avis Sports. During the period, he was also selected for the U17 and U19 Chinese youth teams. In 2018, he also entered the Avis Sports bench in the Portuguese Super League. The first Chinese goalkeeper to enter the squad of the Portuguese Super League.

韩佳琪代表Avis Sports参加了U19和U23青年比赛。在此期间,他还入选了U17和U19中国青年队。 2018年,他还进入了葡萄牙超级联赛的阿维斯体育(Avis Sports)替补席。第一位进入葡萄牙超级联赛的中国门将。

In 2019, Han Jiaqi received the "olive branch" thrown by many Chinese Super League teams, but he chose Guangzhou R&F. In his view, R&F is a special presence in the Chinese Super League. After joining, he became the Guangzhou R&F reserve team. The main goalkeeper. His debut in the Chinese Super League came off the bench in the 86th minute of last year's guest match against Suning. He also made an appearance in the FA Cup. "I cherish the opportunity given by the coach. Every game is a very important exercise." Although he had only sporadic appearances on behalf of the first team last year, he was still very grateful.

2019年,韩佳琪获得了许多中国中超球队抛出的“橄榄枝”,但他选择了广州富力。在他看来,富力在中国超级联赛中是一个特殊的存在。加入后,他成为广州富力后备队。主要的守门员。他在中国超级联赛的处子秀是在去年对阵苏宁的第86分钟替补席上。他还参加了足总杯。 “我珍惜教练给予的机会。每场比赛都是非常重要的练习。”尽管去年他只代表一线队出场,但他仍然非常感谢。

   After R&F coach Van Bronckhorst coached the team, during Guangzhou R&F preparations for the league, Cheng Yuelei and Han Jiaqi got equal chances in the warm-up match, but in the end, Fan Shuai chose the young Han Jiaqi. On the one hand, his age is in line with the U23 player policy, and more importantly, Fan Shuai's recognition of his performance. "Very young and has potential. Although he will make mistakes, his willpower is very firm and he will not be easily hit by mistakes." Fan Shuai commented on it.

在富力教练范布朗克斯(Van Bronckhorst)执教球队之后,在广州富力为联赛做准备的过程中,成月磊和韩佳琪在热身赛中获得了平等的机会,但最终范帅选择了年轻的韩佳琪。一方面,他的年龄符合U23球员政策,更重要的是,范帅对其表现的认可。 “很年轻,很有潜力。尽管他会犯错误,但他的意志力非常坚定,不会轻易被错误击中。”范帅对此发表了评论。





From the initial 0:3 and 0:5 losses to Shenzhen Kaisa and Guangzhou Evergrande, the team gradually recovered and defeated Dalian and Shanghai Shenhua, and finally lost to Shenhua in the top four key competition. The young Han Jiaqi experienced a series of challenges with the team.


In the first two rounds of disastrous defeats, Han Jiaqi, who had no major mistakes, was encouraged by Fan Shuai, “There will be some impact on confidence. After the first loss, Fan Shuai told me to believe in myself. But more At the time, Director Huang (Huang Hongtao) would give me more psychological and mental guidance. I lost 5 in Shenzhen. Although I definitely have a certain responsibility, I have never doubted myself. I learned as a young player. Playing this game with a mentality, I didn’t put myself in a high position. Director Huang also told me, let me not think so much, let me not carry the psychological baggage on my back, and just put in 100%."


   The two rounds of the Guangzhou Derby attracted much attention. For the second time against Evergrande, R&F was beaten at the last moment. Han Jiaqi shed tears after the match. Xiao Han said that he rarely expresses his emotions in public. "I am the kind of person who is crying in the bed and will not let everyone see his fragile side. Derby does not need to be mobilized, everyone wants to prove themselves, including I. At that time, I just felt that the big brothers played a game, every point of ours is very precious, I feel very sorry for their performance, I think these are things that young players need to experience."

广州德比的两回合引起了很多关注。在第二次与恒大对决时,富力在最后时刻被击败。比赛结束后,韩嘉琪流下了眼泪。肖涵说,他很少在公开场合表达自己的情感。 “我是那种在床上哭泣的人,不会让每个人看到他脆弱的一面。德比不需要动员​​,每个人都想证明自己,包括我在内。那时,我只是觉得自己兄弟们玩过游戏,我们的每一分都很宝贵,我为他们的表现感到非常遗憾,我认为这些都是年轻球员需要体验的东西。

  Han Jiaqi had a high-light performance in the Dalian division. He played against the Dalian native in the first round. He saved 9 times, setting the record of single saves in the Super League this season and helping R&F achieve zero blocks for the first time in 414 days. In 14 games, 3 degrees of zero seals, in addition to two zero seals of Dalian, also zero seals of the powerful Shandong Luneng.


For the first stage of the game, Han Jiaqi was most concerned about fighting for the top four key battles. R&F lost 0:2 against Shanghai Shenhua. "I feel that I am still inexperienced and have too much burden. I think this is also the case. It’s an experience.” Han Jiaqi said that in Dalian’s experience, he has become more mature psychologically. “I think I’m still young, and I’m still going to learn and improve and accumulate experience, hoping to become more mature.”

在比赛的第一阶段,韩佳琪最关心为前四场关键战而战。富力在对阵上海申花的比赛中输给了0:2。 “我觉得我仍然没有经验,负担太多。我认为情况也是如此。这是一种经验。”韩佳琪说,根据大连的经验,他在心理上已经变得更加成熟。“我认为我还很年轻,并且我还将继续学习,改进和积累经验,希望变得更加成熟。”





   The 21-year-old Han Jiaqi is regarded by the outside world as one of the hottest newcomers of the 2020 season. He modestly said that he has not thought about it for the time being. Despite his young age, Han Jiaqi is not convinced by his "tender". He bluntly stated that many goalkeepers at home and abroad have played in the top league earlier than himself. "Like Wang Dalei, he played the main team at the age of 17, and I am still learning.

21岁的韩嘉琪被外界视为2020赛季最热的新人之一。他谦虚地说,他暂时还没有考虑过。尽管韩家琦很年轻,但他的“招标”并不令人信服。他直言不讳地指出,国内外许多门将都比自己更早进入顶级联赛。 “像王大磊一样,他在17岁时就担任了主力球队,而我仍在学习。

   In the 2020 season, after Han Jiaqi, Wen Yongjun, Wu Chengru and many other players under the age of 21 joined, R&F has also accelerated the rhythm of "replacement". Especially after the departure of Zahavi and Saba, the team seemed to be more cohesive. "After Zahavi left, each of us wants to prove something, because football is a team event. I believe that as long as we fight in a team, we will Become more cohesive. I think the current R&F team’s greatest competitiveness is youth, hard work and unity."

在2020赛季,韩佳琪,温永军,吴承儒等21岁以下的球员加入后,富力也加快了“换人”的节奏。特别是在扎哈维(Zahavi)和萨巴(Saba)离开之后,该团队似乎更加团结。 欧宝体育官方入口“扎哈维离开后,我们每个人都想证明一些事情,因为足球是一项团体比赛。我相信,只要我们在团队中战斗,我们就会变得更有凝聚力。我认为,目前的富力队最大的竞争力在于年轻,努力工作与团结。”

After 14 games in the Super League and 1 FA Cup exercise, Han Jiaqi has also received more attention from the outside world, with both praise and criticism. "As for the comments of the fans, I basically have a normal heart, accept both good and bad. For. Personally, these games have given me a lot of experience, and they have also taught me a lot of truths, especially for me to understand that football matches cannot be given up until the last minute."

在中超联赛的14场比赛和足总杯的1场演习之后,韩佳琪也受到了外界的更多关注,受到了好评和批评。 “至于球迷的评论,我基本上有一颗普通的心,接受好与坏。因为。就个人而言,这些游戏给了我很多经验,他们也教给我很多真理,尤其是对我来说明白直到最后一刻都不能放弃足球比赛。”

Han Jiaqi was once selected into the National Youth League. At his age, he is expected to compete in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games in the future. "As a player of the right age, I definitely want to play for the country. I believe that every player is the same. We must work hard. Especially us. It’s the host team and I will work hard to compete for the main position."

韩佳琪曾入选全国青年团。以他的年龄,他有望在未来参加2022年杭州亚运会。 “作为一个合适年龄的球员,我绝对想为国家效力。我相信每个球员都是一样的。我们必须努力工作。尤其是我们。这是东道队,我将努力争取主要职位。 。”