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Recently, Real Betis full-back Emerson Aparecido said in an interview that he often helps the children in the Brazilian slums to prevent them from embarking on a criminal path.

最近,皇家贝蒂斯队的后卫艾默生·阿帕雷西多(Emerson Aparecido)在一次采访中说,他经常帮助巴西贫民窟的孩子们防止他们走上犯罪之路。

In addition, Aparecido also talked about his idol Neymar.


"When I was a kid, I played as a center. But because I ran fast, the coach always let me play as a winger instead of a center. Later I also played in midfield. When I was 11 years old, a youth coach Ask me: "Emmerson, we have no full-backs anymore. Would you like to try?" I promised, but I still often participate in the offense. Every time I go up, the coach yells at me: "Emo Sen, don't go up, your defense zone is empty! "I actually always remember the coach's request before the game, but when I was on the court, I found myself running offensively, hahahaha."

“当我还是个孩子的时候,我是作为中锋打球。但是因为跑得快,所以教练总是让我扮演边锋而不是中锋。后来我也打中场。11岁时,我是一名青年教练问我:“埃默森,我们再也没有边后卫了。我答应了,但是我还是经常参加进攻。每次我上场时,教练对我大喊:“埃莫森,别上来,你的防守区是空的! “实际上,我总是记欧宝体育官方入口得比赛前教练的要求,但是当我在球场上时,我发现自己在进攻上跑了,哈哈哈哈。”

"My idol is Neymar. I remember one time when the Brazilian national team called me up, but I happened to be injured. That's a shame that Neymar was included in the national team roster. One of my biggest wishes is to play with him. ball."


"When I was young, our family lived in a slum. When I was about ten years old, we moved from there. It was really dangerous there. Drug dealers or other social idlers often made appointments nearby. My parents worried that one day I was affected. After I left the slum, I started to play football. My parents provided me with a lot of help. When I was young, school was over at two o’clock. I would play with kites and football on the street for hours. , We won’t go home until it gets dark after ten o’clock. We Brazilians are by nature like this, as if the street is our real home."


"Because I came out there, I know exactly what the children need. Every Christmas I organize a large party for the children in the slums. During the epidemic, I bought a lot of food for them. In Brazil, I was seven or eight years old. It’s not uncommon for children who just go to the streets to do evil. It’s very sad, but I understand them too well. Their parents neither work nor care about them. In order to survive, they have to go to the streets. Helping slums like me The more children there are, the fewer children are forced into the streets by life to do evil. I understand them well and always try to be with them."


"But my attitude towards life has never changed. I always treat life with optimism and enjoy life. No one knows whether he can see the sun tomorrow, so while still living in the world, I can fully feel the warmth and warmth of the world. Be happy. We Brazilians are passionate by nature, and we can have long conversations and laugh with people we don’t know each other. I really like this kind of life and don’t like those who are taciturn."


"It is of course a proud thing to hear that my name is associated with Barcelona, ​​but I only think about Betis in my mind. I am calm and I told Betis that I will not go anywhere. Of course, if Betis takes the initiative to let If I leave, it’s not my problem. I have a one-year contract with Betis, and my idea is to fulfill this contract. We have a great team."


"No, I basically never talked to them about Barcelona. But I have inquired a lot about Neymar with the former Barcelona players who have been teammates with Neymar, haha. As for Barcelona... wait there Think about it."