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In Korea, don't try stingray sashimi lightly.


With only a small taste, the strong ammonia gas can turn the digestive tract into a biogas digester.


"It can make the eyes bloodshot if you smell it, and there is no difference between holding it in your mouth and taking the first morning urine of the old man in the early morning." Xiaoli said.


All its magical effects come from its inherent unique scent. Some people say that this smell is reminiscent of an aqua toilet baked by the sun, while others say it is similar to a pig's bladder that has been soaked in a basin for a week.


Compared with the direct burst attack of herring, the stingray sashimi is more like testing the human taste threshold. Experienced diners claim that they will fall in love with this delicacy after chewing 4 times, but usually no one can survive the first bite.


"It reminds you of the trash can in public toilets that has been soaked all year round. Whenever it tears on the tip of your tongue, a complex heat will pass through the capillaries and go straight to Baihui Point. Under the self-protection mechanism of the nerve center, you Every tear that comes out is called regret."


In South Korea’s long history of fishing, the consumption of stingrays can be regarded as an accident.


Maybe a fisherman on a long voyage, or a poor coastal farmer, after discovering that the stingray is not prone to corruption, he used it as a long-term preservation food.


The stingray does not have a bladder or kidney to filter urine. The urine rich in trace elements is excreted through the skin. In a unique fermentation method, urea is fully integrated with air to decompose strong ammonia gas. Every stingray They all emit a scent that is physiologically repellent.


To put it bluntly, you are eating a raw stewed dish, but it is made with fish urine.


Some people choose to eat it fresh before it becomes a stink bomb, but usually the stingray is fermented before being served on the table.


The irritating gas expands the taste system. Under the impact of the smell, the fresh and tender taste of the stingray can be more fully absorbed by the taste buds, so that about 1,100 tons of stingrays die in Korea every year.


"This is why many people are eager to stuff it into their mouths after sniffing its body surface." Shin Jin-woo, who opened a fish shop in Mokpo City, said in an interview.


In his shop, the stingray will be left in a refrigerator at 2.5 degrees Celsius for 15 days to exhaust urea, and then deep-fermented in a refrigerator at 1 degrees Celsius for 15 days until its smell is strong and pure.


For Koreans, a stingray dish that has been fermented by the full moon is a gift from nature and a kind of survival wisdom when desperate.


The stingray stirs, spreads, and infiltrates in the mouth, the tongue stirs the flesh, the molars grind lightly, until it turns into a delicate fluid and falls from the throat, you are full of tears, and feel like you are walking by the public toilet next to the ghost gate.


The elders will swallow the stingray sashimi at the family feast, shed tears under the swift impact, and teach the younger generations with the oral cavity scrubbed by ammonia gas.


Fashionable young people will inherit the tradition by superimposing the stingray stab with thick pork belly and strong spicy cabbage, wrapping it in fresh lettuce, and covering up the stingray with bright packaging.


But the stingray meat that has been fermented for a long time cannot be concealed casually; it looks smooth and pure, which makes people want to play and lick. You are charmed by the appearance of your skin. It was Bingbing's armpits who hid two Congolese men who had not showered.


"Eating a bite of a stingray sashimi is like chewing urine dirt on a urinal that has never been cleaned."


Joe McPherson, the founder of Korean food blog ZenKimchi, was appointed as a food ambassador spontaneously by Koreans, but after tasting the stingray sashimi, he admitted that he still has a long way to go before he knows Korean cuisine.

韩国美食博客ZenKimchi的创始人乔·麦克弗森(Joe McPherson)被韩国人自发任命为食品大使,但品尝了黄貂鱼生鱼片后,他承认在了解韩国美食之前他还有很长的路要走。

In the Korean variety show "Running Man", the stingray cuisine also made experienced entertainers lose expression management.


The stingray integrated with the instant noodles is like Mentos thrown into the cola. It boils in the mouth, opening up the passage connecting the nasal cavity and the back door, and when people are on the verge of fainting, they still realize that chrysanthemums are growing on the taste buds.


"It can wash the mind and body of people who have tasted it. The pure ammonia pouring from the mouth rushes through the esophagus and flows through every cell. You cannot get rid of it."


"No one will sit on the toilet and eat, but it tells me that someone will fall in love with food that is comparable to poop."


The people who have tasted it are fully realized, and the curious people are discouraged. Although the stingray has taught everyone who covets its deliciousness, it is still an indispensable delicacy on the Korean table.


Those Korean prodigal sons who have experienced wandering and scattered in other places will always reminisce the smell of the stingray in their bones.


Perhaps only this kind of deep bitterness of hitting the soul can make the younger generation realize the cry of the predecessors after tasting the stingray and the joy that they finally survived.